Sunday, April 27, 2014

Welcome to Our New Website

Welcome. This is a project that has been long overdue. When I came on as chairperson I wanted to update our website so that we could easily get our content out to you. Like most of you, I'm a working pastor who is also teaching and trying to finish up a PhD. So time has been scarce. Well the time has come for something new.

One of the reasons I wanted to get this up now is that we are planning to pilot a ThoughtWorks MOOC (massively open online course) as a way of helping busy people get the training they need. I've been lining up speakers from all over Canada and the US, to make sure we tap into the best the Vineyard has to offer (and hopefully a few voices from beyond our family). Our first MOOC will be on reading and interpreting scripture. I am hoping that your own devotional and study life with scripture will be enriched as we hear from many different voices on how we can better approach the Bible in our personal and pastoral contexts. Should be something for everyone. It will take some organizing, so our target is a launch in the Winter. Look for it.

The primary engine for the new site is blogger, which makes getting feedback from you even easier. Just comment on this, or any of the other posts, and we'll respond. We are committed to making ThoughtWorks work for you. Please have patience as we work out the design issues, none of us are full time and our design skills are limited.

I'd like to solicit any images you have of ThoughtWorks training sessions, I think we could highlight some of the ways we've served you over the years as well as spark the interest in many more adventures in theology.

Also we are lining up some new contributers for the National ThoughtWorks Blog. So expect more great thought-provoking content on that site. As always, if you have something that you would like to encourage us with we are always looking for Vineyard authors across Canada to submit blog articles for our edification. I will have a new guest article up soon on the subject of planning a marriage celebration from the minister's side of things. Should have that up Monday, as usual.

So enjoy the new site.

Frank Emanuel, ThougthWorks chairperson.

Taking Theology on the Road

Don Rousu
ThoughtWorks explained.

"Invitation to Growth" was the letter that spelled out our vision and asked for adoption of this plan throughout the Canadian Vineyard in 2004.  This document still defines our vision. View or Save to Your Hard Drive
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